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Listen, follow the complementary Spotify playlist & grab your free download at follow and listen on: Facebook: SAXITY , Spotify: Sax city saxophone remix Instagram: Saxcity Music Best & newest tracks:
Martin Garrix – In the Name of Love (SAXITY ft. Just Flynn Remix) – Golfie ButterBro ♫ S A X I T Y ♫ – Descent Into Nice – X Ambassadors – Renegades (SAXITY ft. Gabriella Remix) -Lean back! This is chill: Our new remix of the fantastic X Ambassadors track including a bunch acoustic instruments like cello, violins, baritone, bass & guitars. Hope we got you grooving – Maggie Rogers – Alaska (SAXITY Remix) – Le Malls – Night Walk (feat. M F L R) – Steve Void & No Mondays – Chemistry (ft. Clara Mae) [Free Download]

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