Zaprefy- solving the issue of too much information

///Zaprefy- solving the issue of too much information

Zaprefy- solving the issue of too much information


Experience different views and situations

Discover new ways to get the big picture

Most people strive to achieve their goals and dreams by planning and observing their day to day tasks or work issues.

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Alex the founder of Alterigent (Romanian Software Company) developed and created a multipurpose tool that helps people all over the world, discover new ways of solving a given problem or issue. The software offers to users the best answer or interesting ways of getting a personalized perspective of these issues and problems by visually combining, different data input all in one place.

   Zaprefy can easily manage and solve complex tasks by letting you focus on a fast and clean result or decision. The program helps us to get a standardized answer of a given problem, or a certain workflow issue, allowing users to find the best solution and discover flexible ways to accomplish that result with maximum efficiency.

Working with Zaprefy allows you to discover your mZaprefy tool new ideasind and centralize everything about Information, in such manner that you can get a clear view of the big picture and gather all the essential data in one place.

   Search and open tabs, drag and drop everything easily and discover new elements that can influence your work project. Reach an efficient and inspirational outcome by obtaining a better usage of the information that you poses.

 Learn how to deal with information overload:

A work tool that can be used by millions

   Zaprefy delivers to you a new work space where to sort your documents , files , folders or web information such as Accountancy, Articles, Books, Businesses, Estate, Home Works, Hand Notes Music, Videos, Games, Pictures, Economical data, Market stocks, Financial data, Employees, things to do and more!

Use a flexible way to solve complex information issues and get a clear insight over your various goals, objectives or ambitions.

« How Does Zaprefy works and how our mind works? »

Zaprefy makes information overload easy!   Structure gives birth to creativity, so does  Zaprefy … It can lead you to new alternatives and solutions of solving a problem. It helps you to de-clutter the environment that you’re in, and clear your mind, thoughts and ideas.

The App allows you to discover new paths and ideas to solve your day to day home, work or business problems. We are very good at visualy understanding. So, positioning information helps us glance through this work process and quickly figure out the order, hierarchy and other important aspects of this operation.

The Positioning establishes relationships among pieces of information. It is important that this is done correctly, according to your personal perspective and usage.

By using Zaprefy we discover some of the most relevant criteria about positioning items or information such as layers, elements, content and conceptual barriers. This aspect gives us a clear view of the usage, frequency, domain, priority and actions to be performed in certain conditions or situations.

   Elements are an important part of the input and work process as this can decide the outcome of your results. Inside each element, the most important, newest or frequently used information should be placed first on a case by case basis.

This process represents a key factor of processing the information and it is based on Miller’s Law work principle.

This is exactly what the core of Zaprefy does; it adds more structure to the information delivering an exact and precise path or solution, and not only

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Try Zaprefy and get overwhelmed by the results of your work.LanceGo and Zaprefy tool

Develop innovative Solutions and discover new ideas. No more searching and researching. Get a more resilient and distraction free environment without task switching.

Work and plan faster and easier than ever without breaking your workflow. Get more free time to enjoy your friends, family and social life. Imagine your dreams with your feet on the ground by answering your inner thoughts, creating and growing ideas that come up in your mind.

Satisfy the desire to exceed yourself and go beyond your limits and boundaries with Zaprefy!  

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Zaprefy – Experience different views and situations, Discover new ways to get the big picture. Get information with Zaprefy, best software answer – best perspective to a problem. The environment of information and available software. Important visual App – positioning information and personal perspectives. get the best decision and actions to do in certain situations. AI – Artificial intelligence algorithm. Distraction free software – Commitment, quality and Information intelligence; order your work space and centralize information. Time, mind and structure – Start your work with Zaprefy and find the way to get content, purpose, experience and clear information for your business or life plan!

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