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The Human is the result of science and spirit bind by Chemistry, physics and religion

Allow us to provide you with a perfectly engineered concept that empowers people and businesses to succeed Connecting other people, customers, professionals and companies in search of:

A Valuable Articles and Directory information resource in the world of:

√ Arts √ Advertising √ Autos √ Business  √ Entertainment √ Estate √ Education √ Economy, Games √ Home and garden √ Health √ Law √ IT and Internet √ Multimedia √ News √ Work √ World √ Technology √ Shop,  and more others…From AI LANCE GO

Finest Article and Directory listing service resource on the market around the World at the tips of your fingers.

The pillar of Ailancego is breaking the circle of usual web granting you, user Access to a referral links network and our directory  and article publications service, allowing you to read, write, create, discover, buy, sell, rent, finance, list and publish articles about services, products and information world.

You are our project and we are the solution

Ailancego Corporate Business

Our founding:

Media referral Link was launched in 2014 when artificial intelligence came close to mimicking human intelligence. A real Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, connecting businesses and multinational companies databases in HUGEdatabase Bridging giving birth to ”The Unbridgeable and Big Data Analytics Infrastructure”. 
Soon after, in 2016 comes the artificial intelligence implementation in advertising and marketing based businesses on block chains. Originally blockchain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. 
Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp about users, clients and transaction data collected anonymously from companies, businesses, internet users and internet search engines depending on user accounts, user agents strings and IP’s search data analysis getting delivered to the end user by pertinence. This is how user tailored services, products and advertising are getting delivered to you. 

At this point we come up with an idea of organizing and establishing the connection between end users, businesses services and information articles and directory network giving birth to a second reference program named AI Lance Go.

As internet traffic and research is aimed on media – referrals – linking (links) and social networking advertising programs on the business economic and marketing referrals side, it has to satisfy user demands for Search and research of information, articles, directories, reference, entertainment and social media services without overloading  the main service delivery network with too much advertising spots like many of the internet leading giants do lately.

An online business still remains a BUSINESS and just like all other businesses it has to have a sustainable economic business project income and in most of the cases business income is achieved using payed services, advertising project plans and other various economical viable income strategies available on the business market and online businesses. Only that with time they become unliable, unreliable, negative cost efficient or greedy in therms of cost efficiency service delivering and unfortunately many times they are influenced by economy and economical market and marketing trends.

World , continents or country economy crisis, banking and law regulations also affects online businesses just like any other business , as they make no exception from the economy and legal rules, so we often find ourselves, business or user, forced to adapt to worlds market, business and economical servicing interests, goals and service demands adequate to a specific location.

Why Ailancego?

The name was given by the:

AI – Advertising and search-engine program controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

LANCE– launch: set in motion by pushing it or allow it to roll – start or set in motion an activity or enterprise.

GO– Is An open source programming language programming language designed by Google engineers, Go Binary and The Go programming language on Git-Hub golang/go a development account on GitHub with 30 repositories available, follow their code on GitHub. also go definition is: to travel or move to another place, to be in the process of moving, to move or travel somewhere in order to do something and also often used by search engines domains as an extension!

Generally the Project name signification of AILANCEGO is : User demand Search-engine Arts – Advertising – Autos – Business – Entertainment – Estate – Education – Economy – Games – Home and garden – Health – Law – IT and Internet – Multimedia – News – Work – World – Technology – Shop, and other services categories controlled by Artificial Intelligence search and Advertising program set in motion by programming language designed to provide you with best user search results!

How does it work?

A glimpse of an eye in our Menu, directory, articles, posts, blogs and social media network grid will give you an idea about the benefits and knowledge that you can acquire so… 
“Let’s Do a good search” together Today and keep it that way for the future times, keeping an eye on your privacy.

A Community powered database company

A continuously growing data base powered by Web resources, users, community, businesses, social media, search engines, algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), all structured in a well organised framework delivered to you. 
Based on researches of Internet & IT, search-engines, directories and information data results led us to focus on user experience to power a new interface, tools, ideas and concepts to unveil AI LANCE GO search engine project & Media referral’s main goal and target. Remodelling the way of “finding” information and exploring a different approach to optimise search to result, SEO, valuable resources and services.

We are the best in what we do and that is Word of mouth spread and linking businesses, customers and market goods. We also rely on you as a friend, visitor, customer or business partner in helping us to improve and reach perfection of our project in such a manner that we can continuously deliver better and better results, answers, solutions, knowledge and services to you. So…help us help you.

Search the world‘s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. AI LanceGo has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
You can contact us anytime, we will be more than happy to find solutions and answer to your demands.

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