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Autointelli AIOps solutions businesses machine learning and smart AIAutointelli is one of the leading AIOps platform & solutions providers in India. Our platform is duo of AI and robust machine learning algorithms that helps IT Operations team, Service Desk, NOC/SOC teams by creating alerts after correlating similar events together. It automatically initiates and updates tickets by running appropriate virtual bots. Our platform performs root cause analysis and alert enrichment to quickly solve the incidents and improve time to value ratio. Autointelli AIOps platform is used by customers across the globe. We help our customers to reduce noise level and enhance business productivity by freeing valuable resources to focus on business improvement. - Auto Intelli Limited - Business platform. Gemicorn - Autointelli Systems Private Limited ...te URL: – Https session redirect to – OK

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Passion for automating IT operations, Auto Intelli Inc is born out with innovation, hard work, intelligence and commitment to building AI Ops solutions/platforms that helps major enterprises today

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Intelli Ops overview : correlate your events across sources and fix issues.

Auto Intelli Event management :

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Combining all monitoring tools and feeds with events into event management.

Advanced correlation and de-duplication techniques, reducing alert volumes.

Analyzing different patterns to proactively detect issues before they become a problem.

Provide well-defined notifications.

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