Directory Submission Guidelines

Ai Lance GO Directory Guidelines

It’s in our customers, visitors and our personal interest to avoid, filer and secure AILanceGo website and our clients listed web-sites against Spam or fake traffic clicks. If fake users, visitors or clicks are detected or reported, our technical team will investigate the issue and secure it as soon as possible.

General Listing regulations:

Free - Reciprocal - premium - regular - payed - URL - listing -directory
  • Regular Website / link / URL subscription 3 to 6 months listing confirmation
  • Reciprocal Website / link / URL subscription 2 to 4 weeks permanent listing confirmation
  • NEW!!! : Premium / Paid Website / link / URL subscription 1 to 2 weeks permanent listing confirmation (Coming Soon)

Notes***: Regular listings are active as long as URL’s or Links are Active! Broken Url’s or Links will be permanently deleted once found, discovered or reported.

               Reciprocal and Premium listings will remain active even after URL’s or Links are Broken for a period of 6 to 12 months.

Title of your Site Keywords - Category - users - free Site Content

  • The title should be relevant to the purpose of the site and aptly describe (in a few words) what your site is about.
  • Title must be meaningful and not just contain a list of keywords.
  • The title should not be too promotional and read like an ad text, instead it should be as objective as possible.
  • Title shouldn’t be too lengthy (anywhere between 20 to 50 characters is usually fine).
  • Avoid the use of an exclamation mark ‘!’ in the title.
  • Avoid repetition of keywords.


  • Avoid mentioning pricing details or any other promotional details that are subject to change with time. The description should ideally just describe what the site offers (you may include services, features and benefits as long as it doesn’t make the description sound too promotional)
  • Avoid Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In Your Description.
  • Try and avoid ending your description with ‘and others’ or ‘etc’


  • Don’t repeat keywords more than twice if in double expression. Enter each keyword or a maximum of two keyword expression separated by a comma, e.g. keyword1, keyword2 keyword3, keyword4,


  • Many people make the mistake of selecting the category too fast

     Internet & Telecom Web Services Directory

    without checking if there would be a more relevant category or subcategory. Take the time to go through our directory’s choice of categories and choose the most appropriate category.

  • If you’re not able to find a suitable category, you may suggest a relevant category. if we find it suitable for your site we will add your website under the newly created category you suggested.

Domain / URL

  • Do not submit parked domains and domains that have no content
  • Do not submit domains that redirect to another site.
  • Submit the domain or url in the correct format. Make sure it is the right one – – our best advice is

Make sure you have redirected the right http – https session to your website

  • Free regular Link submission: only submit your home page url and not a url pointing to one of your inner pages, e.g. and not Also, when submitting your home page url, do not include the ‘index’ portion of your url – it should just be

Site Content

  • Do not submit a site that is under construction or is about to launch. Make sure your site is fully operational before you have it submitted.
  • Do not submit sites that have no content.
  • Your site should have a certain amount of content and not be full of affiliate links or contain just ads all over.
  • Please submit your article in the AI Lance Go’s original and declared website language – English or USA – En. Once we will have more listing languages listing categories, translation or subdomains we will make them available as soon as possible.

Explicit adult content websites / URL’s or Links will be limited for listing (they will get listed only on Submit Website to Ai Lance Go Directorysome directory partner – affiliated or sponsor networks that will be active in near future)

Suspected of Fraud or Hacked websites will be denied, deleted and blacklisted by our directory admins!

Once the request is reviewed and accepted your website will be listed in our directory..




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