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Quotes about life by Stephen Hawking

The best life quote ever written and composed by a human being, is the one made by Stephen Hawking (The British theoretical physicist and author 1942 – 2018) that said:

Remember To Look Up at The Stars and not down at your feet.Remember To Look Up at The Stars and not down at your feet - by Stephen Hawking

What does it mean?

To make sense of what he was trying to say, you need to think about the fact that however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.
In such way, you can Live a Beautiful Successful Life Trying to know and understand yourself and Look at things from a new perspective.
Work for example gives you meaning and purpose and life is the reason for which we exist.
Something is created, exists or is Made or by nature or by man, on purpose.Real life quotes and sayings

Work for example gives you meaning and purpose. Therefore, by working hard, dedication and success you will be able to accomplish your dreams…

Life is as it is and we need to work hard and take the necessary risks to embrace it, and find love. Remember that love is out there and don’t throw it away.
Life is empty without it. Therefore if you are wise and lucky enough to find love you will accomplish another important purpose of your life and that purpouse might even include raising a family.

So according to the quote you should …Never give up hope and work hard to succeed your goals and purposes.

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