Artificial Intelligence Alpha Go Deep Mind and general AI

What is Artificial intelligence?

Machine intelligence or AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals and allows machines to learn from experience based on a algorithm previously created or built by a human, another machine or its self.

Why its self? Well… to get to that point we will need to explain how AI algorithm works.

Artificial intelligence algorithm

Artificial intelligence algorithms are working jut like any other algorithm or Brute force Example of AI - Artificial Intelligence - deep learningalgorithms (static algorithms) the only difference is that It uses a reinforcement learning algorithms, being capable to rewrite his own functioning algorithm.

How Artificial Intelligence works and what IT can be used for?

The aim for most of Artificial intelligence developers is to build an AI computer able to mimic or simulate human though or a general AI – AGI (General purpose AI)

Most AI today are specific purpose AI, like Google Deep Mind’s Alpha Go that used reinforcement learning to beat  to beat the professional Go player Lee Sedol at the Ancient Chinese board game called GO

Now we just need quantum computers so developers can design – strong Ai – super Ai intelligence

The story of AI’s rised in Canada, one of AI superpowers

Where AI can be used for?AI Teaching. Artificial Inteligence news. Ai Go launch.

Artificial intelligence can have many applications in health care and science research  but what about Economy and Military purposes?

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