Nicholas Antony and Pulsar Recordings

Producer founder and artist – Nicholas Antony

Born on the hills of Europe in a beautiful country called Serbia graduated in degree of economics at University of Belgrade at 27 years old. Music became his passion and he decided to pursue it even more after he finished his studies.

His  first official track “Excidium” was released in 2011 on Pulsar Recordings, a trance record label which Antony founded and successfully ran for 7 years. Working on over 300+ releases with producers from all over the world Nicholas gained the support of the biggest DJ’s on the planet. His record label went on becoming one of the most cherished labels on the trance scene.

However, the labels success came at a cost:

“I neglected my music and my creative spirit, and only managed to put out a few singles after the initial release. Fast forward to middle 2017, I started to notice that the quality of tracks I was signing were on the decline. It was becoming clear that I couldn’t continue to have a great release schedule like I was having all those years. This started to coincide with something bigger, an inner calling to get back to my own music.”
DJ Nicholas Anthony
By the end of 2017 He finally made a hard decision to close the label down and to fully start focusing on my projects. It wasn’t easy as He knowingly left many fans in shock and sadness, but it was something that Antony had to be done in order to advance further, both musically and personally.

New chapters of Nicholas life beings in 2019 when the story of Pulsar continues with the launch of a brand new remix: Aeden’s “Fragile Flame” a single that is being given a new life just like his label.

The remix comes delivered as a powerful and emotional trance track with such a beautiful and mesmerizing breakdown. written as we speak and you are now invited to be a part of it.

Electronic Dj Trance music.

A New chapter of Nicholas Antony life is being written as we speak and you are now invited to be a part of it.

Join and Listen Nicholas Antony as DJ | Producer | Founder and Artist

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Armada music

Nicholas Antony discography and songs

Song Name
Music Genre Release year Track description
Aeden – Fragile Flame Trance 2019 Return of Pulsar Recordings.
Euphoric Trance – Uplifting – Glide
 Trance 2019 Personal work-out

Released by House Dynasty.

Electronic – Big Room – Tribal – Big Drums – Main stage – EDM – Dance

Orjan Nilsen vs Nicholas Antony – Facemelt Trance  2019 Armada Music  Orjan Nilsen record competition release.

Fierce Progressive – Flute – Night – Dark – Fierce – Club – Party People

King Of Acid Trance 2018 Released by House Dynasty Main stage – Big Room – EDM – Big Drums – Electronic
Jadran Pearl  Trance  2018 First release of the year 2018.

Released by Universal Feel

Inspiration for this track: made on a seaside town of Herceg Novi – Montenegro.

Beach music – Trance – Piano

Indian Summer  Trance  2018 Powerful tune that flows elegantly from the very start.

Released by Universal Feel

Club – Night – Tribal

Echoes Of The Future Trance 2018 In order to live in the present we must let go of the past and future as well.

Released by Universal Feel

Prograssive Trance – Future Trance – Electronic

Secret Garden Trance 2018 Face your fears

Released by Universal Feel

Night – Dark – Trance music

Vortex Deep Trance 2018 The swirling vortex is pulling you in!

Released by Universal Feel

Electronic – Suspense – Vocal – Epic Trance – Swirl – Space

Forgotten by God Trance 2018 The final track after work-out

Released by Universal Feel

Soft Bass – Progressive House – Trance

Ragnarok Trance 2018 Norse myth – the ultimate destruction of the Gods in a cataclysmic battle with evil, out of which a new order will arise – Epic theme.

Released by Pulsar Recordings

Acid Trance

Abydos Electronic 2017 Mysteries of ancient Egypt

Released by Universal Feel

Mysterious – Deep – Trance – Ancient – Egypt – Arabic – Progressive Trance

Minimus Electro House 2015 House of the Paradox!

Released by House of Diynasty

Electronic – Big Room

Funk Master Electro House 2012 First excursion into the EDM craze with Nicholas Anthony own twist

Peak Hour – Party Bang – electronic

Excidium Trance 2011 Nicholas Antony First Trance – Electronic House Release.

The Journey that started back in 2011

Released by Pulsar Recordings.

Trance – Original Trance

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