Summer in Ibiza – By Nicholas Antony | Trance Music

///Summer in Ibiza – By Nicholas Antony | Trance Music

Summer in Ibiza – By Nicholas Antony | Trance Music

A new release from Nicholas Antony for Chill Trance music fans

Universal Feel presents its newest release by Nicholas Antony called ‘Summer in Ibiza’. This magical track offers an exceptional journey with lush pads and beautiful summer melodies.

Summer in Ibiza – Nicholas Antony New Trance Music release

Observation written on July 21st, 2019, by Nicholas Antony

“When I look at the overall picture of this song from beginning to end, it is amazing what I was able to create from one simple idea, that was played in March 2018 (you can listen to that idea here: The project was completed in about 20 days, and for the last two weeks I was perfecting small details and making some arrangement changes. I noticed that once the full moon week came, it weakened my working schedule, and there were a few days when I didn’t work at all on this project, including the re-launch of Pulsar Recordings that also disturbed me. When I was almost done and came to the finish of this song, I was thinking of simply moving on with the project and seeing what could happen next if I continue creating… possibly trying to make one whole album from this song. But now with a lot of repeated listens and additional adjustment work and tweaks, I have lost the will for it in these last two weeks.”

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