Top movie genres

Here is a precise Movies genres category list. For those that love to have a well organized library list of movies without mixing categories.

Movies genres Main category list:

Action Horror
Adventure Mystery
Animation Musical
Biography Science Fiction
Comedy Sport
Crime Romance
Documentary Thriller
Drama Westerns

This Short category is best for main movie library.

Secondary category Movies genres list by Type:

This can be used for sub categories or alternative name for main categories.It can be classified by type, date or age rating:

Art Film Film Noir
Biographical Films (or “Biopics”) Guy Films
Black comedy Film History or Historical
Car / Race Love Films
Cartoons Life / About Life films
Crime & Gangster Films Police
Classic Films Road Films
Cult Films Serial Films
‘Chick’ Flicks Films Short film
Dance Films Silent Films
Erotic Films Sports Films
Detective & Mystery Films Supernatural Films
Disaster Films Thriller-Suspense Films
Law Films Travel / Tripp Films
Melodramas, Women’s or “Weeper” Films War and Anti-War Films
Epics/Historical Films World Films
Fantasy Films Young ones or Family Oriented Films

Used for movie categories Keywords and synonyms .

Movies category genres list by Continent:

American Movie Australian Movie
Asian Movie European Movie
African Movie

Movies category genres list by Country – State – Nation :

Austrian Movie Liberian Movie
Afghanistan Movie Libyan Movie
Albanian Movie Liechtenstein Movie
Algerian Movie Lithuanian Movie
Andorra Movie Luxembourg Movie
Angola Movie Macau Movie
Antigua and Barbuda Movie Macedonia Movie
Argentinian Movie Madagascar Movie
Armenian Movie Malawi Movie
Austrian Movie Malaysian Movie
Azerbaijan Movie Maldives Movie
 Bahamian Movie Mali Movie
 Bahrain Movie Malta Movie
Bangladesh Movie Marshall Islands Movie
 Barbados Movie Mauritania Movie
 Belarus Movie Mauritius Movie
 Belgian Movie Mexican Movie
 Benin Movie Micronesian Movie
 Bhutan Movie Moldavian Movie
 Bolivia Movie Monaco Movie
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Movie Mongolian Movie
 Botswana Movie Montenegro Movie
 Brazilian Movie Morocco Movie
 Brunei Movie Mozambique Movie
 Bulgarian Movie Namibian Movie
 Burkina Faso Movie Nauru Movie
 Burma Movie Nepal Movie
 Burundi Movie Netherlands Movie
 Cambodian Movie New Zealand Movie
 Cameroon Movie Nicaragua  Movie
 Canadian Movie Nigerian Movie
 Capo Verde Movie Norway Movie
 Central African Republic Movie Pakistani  Movie
 Chad Movie Palau Movie
 Chile Movie Palestinian Movie
 Chinese Movie Panama Movie
 Colombia Movie Papua New Guinea Movie
 Comoros Movie Paraguay Movie
 Democratic Republic of the Congo Movie Peru Movie
 Republic of the Costa Rica Movie Philippines Movie
 Cote Ivoire Movie Poland Movie
 Croatian Movie Portugal Movie
 Cuba Movie Qatar Movie
 Curacao Movie Romanian Movie
 Cyprus Movie Russian Movie
 Czech Movie Rwanda Movie
 Denmark Movie Saint Kitts and Nevis Movie
 Djibouti Movie Saint Lucia Movie
 Dominican Republic Movie Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Movie
 East Timor Movie Samoa Movie
 Ecuadorian Movie San Marino Movie
 Egyptian Movie Sao Tome and Principe Movie
 El Salvador Movie Saudi Arabian Movie
 Equatorial Guinea Movie Senegalese Movie
 Eritrea Movie Serbian Movie
 Estonian Movie Seychelles Movie
 Ethiopian Movie Sierra Leone Movie
 Fiji Movie Singaporean Movie
 Finland Movie Saint Marten Movie
 French Movie Slovakian Movie
 Gabon Movie Slovenian Movie
 Gambian Movie Solomon Islands Movie
 Georgian Movie Somalian Movie
 German Movie South Africa Movie
 Ghana Movie South Korean Movie
 Greek Movie South Sudan Movie
 Grenada Movie Spanish Movie
 Guatemala Movie Sri Lanka Movie
 Guinea Movie Sudan Movie
 Guinea-Bissau Movie Suriname Movie
 Guyana Movie Swaziland Eswatini Movie
 Haitian Movie Sweden Movie
 Honduras Movie Switzerland Movie
 Hong Kong Movie Swiss Movie
 Hungary Movie Syrian Movie
 Jamaican Movie Taiwan Movie
Japanese Movie Tajikistan Movie
 Jordanian Movie Tanzania Movie
 Iceland Movie Movie Thailand Movie
 Indian Movie Timor-Lest Movie
 Indonesian Movie Togo Movie
 Iranian Movie Tonga Movie
 Iraqi-an Movie Trinidad and Tobago Movie
 Ireland Movie Tunisian Movie
 Israeli-an Movie Turkish Movie
 Italian Movie Turkmenistan Movie
 Kazakhstan Movie Tuvalu Movie
 Kenyan Movie Uganda Movie
 Kiribatian Movie Ukrainian Movie
 North Korean Movie United Arab Emirates Movie
 South Korean Movie United Kingdom Movie
 Korean Movie Uruguay Movie
 Kosovo Movie Uzbekistan Movie
 Kuwaitian Movie Vanuatu Movie
 Kyrgyzstanian Movie Venezuela Movie
Laos Movie Vietnam Movie
Latvian Movie Yemen Movie
Lebanon Movie Zambian Movie
Lesotho Movie Zimbabwe Movie

Movies category genres list by date :

Old movies New Movies
20’s movies 70’s movies
30’s movies 80’s movies
40’s movies 90’s movies
50’s movies 20th century
60’s movies 21st century
Classic movies Modern movies

Complete Movie category tables collection.

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