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Miele – Rex – Electrolux – Bosch – General Electric – Whirlpool – Ariston – Hotpoint – Indesit – Whirlpool – Zanussi – Zoppas – AEG – Gaggenau – Bosch – Siemens – Electrolux – Rex – Philips – Bauknecht – Ignis – Wegawhite – SMEG – Westinghouse – Candy – Hoover – Zerowatt * Kelvinator. Electrozeta – Sholtes – Samsung – LG – Nardi – Franke – BEKO – Haier – Atlantic – Ocean – Gorenje. DAEWOO or any other Brand, you will find category a list from which to choose

Our Technical Support offers online service for a wide range of brands of high quality .

At our service you will always find support for the latest models of major appliances producers and most common and popular brands and models. Experience closely all of our services . In addition, our experts support you in product mix and systems, providing competent and professional advice for various types of damages occurred on your house appliance .

Here is the answer to your question! We are always the best answer and solution to your home appliance related questions!

-Free cost. House appliances Brands Quotation service.

-Dedicated online Service to repairing washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens that can be found your home.

-Our appliances service is synonymous with quality and convenience in the field of assistance and repair of appliances . By using our web site you can find information about our services .

-We provide home care instructions for washing machines , refrigerators , dishwashers , ovens , hobs and dryers of the best brands , or any other brand on the market. Being a specialized multi-brand we treat any other type of appliance.

-If you are searching a multi-brand technical support for washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, dryers and cookers browse our website to find all the help you need online technicians are ready to answer your questions.

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  We do our best to meet the needs of our customers , offering them a free service complete and professional competence and reliability .

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Miele – Rex – Electrolux – Bosch – General Electric – Whirlpool – Ariston – Hotpoint – Indesit – Whirlpool – Zanussi – Zoppas – AEG – Gaggenau – Bosch – Siemens – Electrolux – Rex – Philips – Bauknecht – Ignis – Wegawhite – SMEG – Westinghouse – Candy – Hoover – Zerowatt * Kelvinator. Electrozeta – Sholtes – Samsung – LG – Nardi – Franke – BEKO – Haier – Atlantic – Ocean – Gorenje. DAEWOO or any other Brand, you will find category a list from which to choose

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