Are you planning on getting a bank loan?

Why You Should Never Solve Your Problems with a Personal Loan!

Personal Bank loans – Services and other consumable goods – depreciation rate

Requesting a Personal loan gives you the opportunity to finance just about any purchase, but Depreciated consumable goods, services and assetsapplying for a loan isn’t always a wise move. The fact that you qualify for a personal loan doesn’t mean you should make a loan agreement.

If you do have a real need to borrow money or liquidity, be smart about it and find a solution that makes sense — it won’t always be easy but sometimes, it’s better to delay a purchase, save money and pay in cash instead of burdening yourself with more debt.

So Think Well before Taking Out a business or Personal Loan

If you planning on getting a loan from bank for Paying For College Or Refinancing Student Debt, Financing a Car, Consolidating Smaller Debt, Paying For A Vacation, Covering Expected Major Expenses, buildings, furniture, leasehold improvements, office equipment or Cars, Tv, PC, laptop, cell phone, house appliance, services and other consumable goods and building restructuring or restoration you better think twice!

Are you planning on getting a loan from bank?

Here is the information you need know on how banks think to get the best out of this deal: How do banks work and how interest rates are set depending on Bank loan system rates and value to

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goods depreciation?

Depreciation is an accounting method of allocating the cost of a tangible asset over its useful lifetime. Fixed assets that can be depreciated are buildings – real estate, furniture, leasehold improvements, office equipment or a Cars, Tv, Pc, laptop, cell phone, house appliance, services and other consumable goods. The only exception is land, which is not depreciated (since land is not depleted over time, with the exception of natural resources).

Gold is not susceptible to the same causes of depreciation as most other assets. Also land property  is not depreciated in accounting because it is assumed to have an unlimited useful lifespan. However, gold does depreciate due to market forces.

Here’s where you record revenues with their associated expenses in the same reporting period in order to give a complete picture of the results of a revenue-generating Bank loan

Why is depreciation an expense?

Depreciation expense is reported on the income statement as any other normal business or private expense. If the asset is used for production, the expense is listed in the operating expenses area of the income statement. This amount reflects a portion of the acquisition cost of the asset for production purposes.

This way banks calculate the loan rate payment in such manner that the acquired asset lifetime is depleted once the rate dead end time is accomplished, so the cycle can be repeated.

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So,…for now land and gold purchase are the only liable loan assets to invest but that Depending on the market conditions in such economic times.

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Personal Bank loans, Services and other consumable goods are calculated in such manner by banks so you deplete the asset lifetime at the same time you exhaust the loan rates

This way you will have little or no profit bank loan investment.





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