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What Are Web Directories?

Web directories or link directories are online lists of websites.

In World Wide Web directories are typically listed entries on people, businesses, places, and their contact, URL / Link or address information; such directories are still in use today.

Web directories are still an important resource in internet even today, helping website owners diversify traffic sources and find new organic traffic.

Websites Encyclopedia – A online resource for the web and search engines

Web directories are organized Web site listings put together by human reviewers or automated and AI software.

Similar to the Way Back Machine (that is a US digital archive of the World Wide Web mainly of websites and web pages) Web Directories are also known as a link directories or subject directories, structured in categories and subcategories of web sites lists of the World Wide Web.
Most of these lists are composed and made out of listing requests that the owners, Webmasters or contributors requested to that specific Directory.

A resource that allows you to get best of the web results

Getting listed in a Directory is the perfect tool to start your website’s optimisation for search engines and to increase your domain authority.
Never the less you must be careful in subscribing your website to a directory as it may also outrank your domain in search results and eve worse damage your domain name authority.

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